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Exclusive Invitation To...
Live Healthy~Happy~Fit...and Get in the Best
Shape of Your Life with the Support &
Guidance to Lasting Results...
....the one place where people dedicated to a healthy lifestyle can get everything they need... IN ONE PLACE.
  •  No Studio? No Problem!: I bring the studio to YOU! Workout with Me LIVE from Home, Away From Home, Anywhere You Are - No Equipment Required - modifications always shown! 
  •  Stay Motivated and Accountable with the Core Club Community: Available 24/7 - with personal support from me, and your fellow core club family!  
  •  Get Stronger, Leaner and Fitter: With fun workouts that will keep your body guessing and challenge you to push yourself to the next level!
  •  Stay On Track With Your Goals: Check ins, community and connected to us will help to keep you accountable. 
  •  All Fitness Levels Welcome! With live coaching I'm able to get to know you better and always offer modifications for members and I'm available to you in the community after our workout classes!
I Am Full of Life!
I've lost 18 lbs and counting. My family saw me for the first time in months and they were impressed with how much weight I lost.  I have more energy and my life has changed. I haven't missed a day of work for sickness. I am full of life.
- Esmeralda T
What A Transformation
Being over 45 years old, I never thought I would have abs again.  Now I can finally see them I have more energy, I feel stronger, I've transformed my body and more active than ever have in my life.  I'm excited to be part of the Core Club!  =Stacy H. 
What You Can Expect To Get...
  •  Live Online Workout Classes with Sylvia:  We bring the studio to YOU! - tune in from home, anywhere in the world for class, in the chat or video (your choice)  
  •  Unlimited Access to All Workout Class Recordings: So that you never miss a weekly workout. 
  •  Member's Only Monthly Challenges: Fun and effective challenges so that you see the results you want.
  •  24/7 Community Access and support: Get your questions answered, personalized help with your eating, mindset and workout goals! 
  •  Weekly Mindset & Motivational: For those days where that self-doubt and self sabotage thoughts want to overrun your day, NOT HERE, together we set WINNING habits and routine.
  •  Re-wiring emails: When you need a pick me up and motivation on those days you just don't feel like it.
  •   Nutritional guidance, plans and recipes to keep your body healthy and the weight off.
  •  NEW Monthly Pilates body mobility flows to improve flexibility and relieve your body of aches and pains.
We have created an inner circle community that will keep you from feeling alone on your health and fitness journey! It's a place where we get to the Core of the habits and patterns that have been in your way...

So that, YOU can Live Your Very Best Life!
The club is a complete monthly journey into living a healthy lifestyle. You see...when I sat down to create this online program for Pilates, Mobility, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle I was thinking of a 12 week or maybe something shorter like a 6 week program but honestly I don't believe a long lasting journey can happen in as little as 6 or 12 weeks.

Even though I do believe you can make a significant difference in about 30 days with some sort of jump start program or crazy..unrealistic dieting.

However, I want to invite you to a better, more joyful way to live your life...

It's a custom program full of compassion and love...

One you can easily do every month...where you can go at your pace and still feel good...

Instant access to all the information you ever need to get in shape, be healthy and be happy...

Here's the thing...

I can keep creating one Pilates program after the other but what good will that do if you're not being giving the additional tools each and every month...

Nothing will change if you don't make a solid commitment to change it.
  •  To be healthier for your family
  •  Set a good example for your kids
  •  Feel comfortable in your own skin
  •  Enjoy getting dressed in the morning with your favorite outfits
  •  Feel Sexy and Attractive
  •  Have a Tight...Firm Body FREE of Pain
...And the list goes on but I think you get the point here.

And isn't that what we are after anyways? To to live a healthy lifestyle and not be deprived of our favorite foods and activities!

What if I can give you a program to do on a monthly basis where you can go at your pace and still feel good about it!

Well, I have some good news for you...

Now you have the opportunity to set new lifestyle and fitness goals with the Club and experience the amazing results my members have felt...
Your Complete Program Includes...

Private Members Area

Complete membership dashboard with the exact PLAN to follow from the start so you're not overwhelmed. Exclusive private community with accountability and the proper guidance for visibly results.

You will find everything you need each month, which include your follow-along workouts, body slimming nutrition plan and metabolic boosting recipes.

All in one convenient place for you to access from any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.

LIVE Workout Classes with Sylvia Favela

Live weekly workouts with Sylvia to keep you active, moving and motivated!

Tune in from home, anywhere in the world for class live, participate in the chat or video (your choice)

Join in our workouts with other women who are ready to move, feel better and healthier.

Interact with Sylvia during each live workout for the most effective workouts that take less than 15 minutes to complete.

Library Collection of Body Slimming Workouts

Each month brand NEW workouts are unlocked in the members area.  All workouts are designed to BOOST your metabolism and Flatten Your Tummy.

You'll have an easy plug-in play workout at your fingertips. Accessible on any mobile device or on your computer.

Body Slimming Nutrition Plans

Get my monthly Fat-Burning body slimming recipes each and every month.  It gets boring eating the same meals each month. You'll get new recipes each month unlocked in the members area.

The plans are perfectly built to match the instructions inside the monthly workout series. "No thinking or planning required."

I've found that 9 out of the 10 women I talk to say their biggest problem is planning ahead every day for them to be able to stick to a program without resorting to bland and tasteless "diet" food.

All of the work is already done,  so you don't have to think about what you'll be eating. Set yourself up on autopilot while melting away fat and enjoying delicious fat burning meals.

*Healthy Family Friendly need to make separate meals for the family. All the recipes found inside are delicious for everyone in the family. Daily menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. All easy to follow tasty meals. Done-For-You Grocery List and weekly Food Prep Guides.

Access to Personal Support in the Community 

A community of like-minded women who share stories of their frustration and achievements!

You'll get accountability and support from myself and all the women who have also been in your shoes and share the same frustrations and challenges.

Stay motivated and accountable with check ins, Q&A and support from me, other Core Club members and Sylvia!

Metabolism Boosting Recipes

The easy to follow meal plans are packed with fat-burning guides to help you stay on track each and every month.

Never get bored eating the same meals every day. Instead, you'll get Fat-Burning body slimming recipes each and every month.

Motivational and Re-Wiring Emails

On those days when you need a bit more motivation to getting going and keep moving forward to reaching your health and wellness goals.

You're not in this alone!  We will be there to help motivate you and guide you every step of the way.

Speak Kindly To Yourself: Self-Care Mindset

Members ONLY monthly Self Care Newsletter Issues....

When was the last time you found yourself frustrated and upset with yourself because you didn't stick to your diet or exercised? Or taken the time to take care of yourself?

Just imagine having the proper tools and principles to guide you through reframing how you look at a negative situation and flip it so that you have control over your emotions and speak kindly to yourself?

That's exactly what you can expect so that you take time to care for yourself, with gratitude, and self care practices.

BONUS: 7 Day Done-for-You Meal Plan & Detox
  •  Complete 7-Day Done-For-You Nutrition Plan to Jump Start Your Healthy Eating 
  • Health Detox guide and menu to reset your body to jump start your health and fitness.
  •  Daily menus and healthy recipes to help you balance the nutrients to boost your energy, sculpt a lean body. 

BONUS: 7 Day Flat Tummy Jumpstart Challenge
  •  Complete 7-Day Done-For-You Nutrition Plan to Jump Start Your Healthy Eating 
  • Health Detox guide and menu to reset your body to jump start your health and fitness.
  •  Daily menus and healthy recipes to help you balance the nutrients to boost your energy, sculpt a lean body. 

PLUS...These Special Bonuses!
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Meet Your Coach!

Hi! Sylvia Favela here, Pilates Practitioner, Body Image Coach with 20 years fitness and health coaching experience. I'm also the creator of Bodyweight Pilates, Fit Pilates Abs and the 360Pilates Workout series, all of which have helped thousands of women worldwide.

You decide to make a change, get confused by the info overload and then you give up... Yet, you might believe that losing your feminine figure when you're over 40 is supposed to happen.

...YOU have a choice and it doesn't have to be this way. And it get's harder as we age. I'm over 40, I've had the same struggles as you and I'm sharing all my secrets that has allowed me and my clients to maintain a tight, toned, flat tummy and a healthy fit lifestyle while still being able to eat all my favorite foods. 

You see, as a single mom and business owner, I'm very familiar with the challenges that get in the way of staying consistent...

Your Age Doesn't Matter or How Out Of Shape You May THINK You Are...ANYONE Can Start TODAY And Begin To Visibly See A Flatter Belly And More Energy.  
This Is For You If You Want To:
  •  Get the direction and consistency of a program that allows you to go at your own pace. 
  •  Get Fat Loss Results with simplified lifestyle fixes for a healthier YOU.
  •  A community of supportive women helping each other and access me as your coach!
  •  Be healthy and active for your family.
  • BOOST your Metabolism and stop the yo-yo dieting!
  •  Increase your energy so you can do all the things you love and improve your mood and excitement for life.
  •  Look and feel amazing in your own skin.
  •  Enjoy getting dressed every morning in your favorite outfits.
More Core Program Results: 
Feel Amazing In The Next Few Days... 
Wake up every morning looking and feeling better when you see your reflection in the mirror and have the confidence to be the best YOU! Plus have better health than you do at this very moment.

I understand the frustration when nothing you've tried seems to work....

Because the definition of crazy is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results.

On the other side of this page awaits the perfect plan.

I'll hold your hand and guide you every step of the way...
Listen...You've been lied to enough, and those lies are
going to continue...
You know what I'm talking about...

The lies that say all you have to do is take a pill...

Or drink a magical potion...

Or lather your body in some goopy lotion...

And "the fat will miraculously melt away"...


That's why I would like to invite you to an exciting new community of health and wellness today...

A community full of supportive people from all walks of life...people who want nothing more than to see you reach your highest health potential...

The Club was designed from the ground up to be an ongoing program that can offer you the continued support and guidance you need to stay fit...

Let's face it: We all have bad days. And those days can absolutely derail our fitness goals...

A rough day at the office or at home makes it all too easy to reach for that second dessert...

A really rough day makes it easy to have an entire dinner of nothing but desserts!

You deserve so much more than that....

Unless you have a super-supportive community and team behind you, it can be tough to maintain consistency...

The Club includes monthly programs with cutting edge research and latest studies...All delivered right to your email inbox...

You also get full access to your online members portal where you can log in and access Monthly Bodyweight Workouts, Nutrition Meal Plans and Guides, Mindset Resources, Expert Advice, Access to our Private Facebook Group, On-Going materials and LIVE workouts.

Quite frankly, the Core Club™ is one of the most comprehensive, complete, always-growing resources...

You get everything you need on a monthly basis to experience the type of fit, healthy life you seek...

When you have the tools right at your's a foolproof way to reach your health and fitness goals...
YOU can have the direction and consistency of a program that allows you work at your own pace...
YOU can say good-bye forever to short-term programs and detoxes that over-promise and under deliver and...
YOU can have a permanent, lasting solution...

Now, here's the really Great News =)
TRY It For $0 Down
Start Today!
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zero down and 8 payments of $57 month
No Contracts or Hidden Fees, Cancel At Anytime.
Don't Put Off Getting Results Anymore...There Is No Better Time Than Now!

Listen, I want you to try the Core Club™ program risk free for an entire month so I'm backing it up with a 60-day money back guarantee.

If at any time during you decide that the Core Club™ is not for you, just email us at no questions asked.

Try it for zero down and 8 payments of $57/month after that...

You have nothing to lose....It doesn't get any easier than this...

You'll get complete access to the private member area, Live weekly workouts, brand new monthly workouts, secret Facebook group, new monthly recipes, nutritional meal plans, mindset/motivation hacks and the tools you need to transform your health and body!

Pretty cool right?

Backed by my 100% Money-Back Guarantee...
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7-Day FREE Trial
Regular $67 Month
Due Today
then $27 /month
After The Trial, Just $27 Month
No Contracts or Hidden Fees, Cancel At Anytime.
Start Today!
Click the "Get Started Now!" Button Below and Start Rockin' Your Healthy~Active Pilates Body with Our Core Club!
$0 Down
Instant Access (No More Waiting)
Regular $97 Month
Due Today
then 8 payments of $57 /month
zero down and 8 payments of $57 month
No Contracts or Hidden Fees, Cancel At Anytime.
Have A Question?
What is all Included?
The Core Club includes, live weekly workouts, brand new monthly workouts, printable workout guides, follow along calendar, tutorial videos, monthly meal plan with grocery lists, daily menus and food prep tips.

You go at your own pace. You will have a calendar for your fitness level - beginner, intermediate or advanced where you can do 3-5 workouts per week choosing your perfect time length.

Plus, you get bonus gifts, including the flexibility & mobility guide and our private Facebook area!
Do I need ANY equipment?
No, you do not need any equipment.  For comfort, you can use a mat or towel to do some of the moves that require you to be on the floor.  But you don't need to go out and buy any weights or fancy machines or go to a specific location.

Some workouts you can perform barefoot.  I'm normally barefoot but on occasion I wear shoes. You will find some exercises require jumping or stepping back and forth. A mat will be useful on hard surfaces to give you some cushion.
Do I have to follow your Exact meal plan? Are they flexible?
The simplified meal plans are super flexible! You can choose to follow the weekly guide and do the food prep and grocery shop as I've explained. Or if it's better for you, jump around and try different recipes and meals.

You can also choose to use the daily menus as a guide for eating out or putting your own meals together.

You have lots to choose from at your fingertips!
How fast will I be getting my program, does it come in the mail?
Immediately!  You get Instant Access to the entire program.  As soon as you enter your billing information you will receive an email with a secure login and password for you to instantly access your brand new program from ANY device.

Everything is organized in a secure, downloadable area.  It will be in the same place as your new meal plan. You have lifetime access once you have purchased it.
What type of foods can I expect to eat if I follow your meal plan?
The recipes and meals are based on whole foods that are easy to put together.  There's no fancy ingredients or out of the ordinary ingredients.  Just real natural food.

For every recipe with meat, there is an alternative option suitable for pescatarians, or anyone who chooses to use them.
Will this program be ok if I'm a beginner or super advanced?
I get this questions alot and is why I've structured the program in a way that allows you to progress through developing strength in key muscles and gradually build endurance and strength over the coming weeks.

There are different workout formats for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced.  You have the choice to go slow or pump up the level.
How can I get ahold of you if I have a question?
You can call us at (909) 529-0183 or email us at
How are the workouts setup?
All the workouts are sequenced in repetition or time circuits, for you to maximize your workout time, maximize fat burning and conditioning.

You have the option to do 1, 2 or 3 rounds, just replay the follow along video as many times as you like!

Depending on your fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) you will have a specific plan to follow so you can progress as you see fit for YOU.

Each week the workouts build and progress as you increase in strength and endurance.
I'm Pressed for Time, How long do the workouts take?
The beauty of this program is that you can be done with your workout in less than 15 minutes. It will allow you to stay consistent and visibly see real progress with a very small time commitment.

You can always make it a double, by doubling up on your workout. Or another type of workout that you enjoy. Like hiking, walking, running, weight training or any other activity you enjoy. But you'll have a done-for-you complete, effective program to use in the complete Core Club coaching program that can be done in less than 15 minutes in the comfort of your own home!
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$0 Down
Instant Access (No More Waiting)
Regular $97 Month
Due Today
then 8 payments of $57 /month
zero down and 8 payments of $57 month
No Contracts or Hidden Fees, Cancel At Anytime.
Start Today!
Click the "Free Trial" Button Below and Start Rockin' Your Healthy~Active Pilates Body with our Core Club!
7-Day FREE Trial
Regular $67 Month
Due Today
then $27 /month
After The Trial, Just $27 Month
No Contracts or Hidden Fees, Cancel At Anytime.
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